Information System Study Program


Undergraduate Program (UP) Information System is a higher education program which begin in 2000 to hold a Computer science education program in Batam area. We always re-invent ourselves to answer time and trend demand. Information System UP, with 20 years experience on our belt have always developed curriculum, teaching technique, quality assurance approach based on international standard either in computer science technology trend development or higher education management standards. Teachers and Students are working together to develop products and content that not only high in quality but also usable and sellable in today’s community. The spirit of Collaborative and Inclusiveness is our way to work, study and become future computer experts.


We aim for the HIGHEST (Humane, Integrity, Goodness, Hope, Empathy, Self and Shared Discipline, Temperance).


Bismillaahirrahmaanirrahim,. Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb. Shalom, Om Swastiastu, Namo Buddhaya, Greetings of Virtue.

Happy Prosperity to all of us. First, let us give thanks to the presence of God Almighty who has bestowed His grace so that we remain healthy and happy.

Welcome to the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Internasional Batam.

Since August 23, 2000, the Universitas Internasional Batam has had a Faculty of computer science (FIK). The Information Systems Undergraduate Program and the Information Technology Undergraduate Program are the two undergraduate degrees offered by FIK.

In 2018, BAN PT granted the Information Systems Undergraduate Department an A rating for accreditation. The Faculty of Computer Science established the Information Technology Undergraduate Program in 2019 and received Good accreditation from BAN PT in 2021 as part of its ongoing efforts to grow.

In keeping with the goals and objectives of Universitas Internasional Batam, the Faculty of Computer Science aspires to become an institution of higher learning with international standards that produces graduates in the fields of computer science, science, technology, and art who are able to keep up with rapid changes in the world.

The Riau Archipelago, which is supported by reliable infrastructure, trusted cyber security, and industrial acceleration supported by the Internet of Things, supported by the Faculty of Computer Science at Universitas Internasional Batam, is expected to benefit the most from the development of information systems, digital media, and information technology. 4.0. Indirectly contributing to Indonesia’s aim of having the largest digital economic capacity in Southeast Asia, the Faculty of Computer Science has been played a role in promoting the growth and expansion of digital access for Indonesians.



The Information System Study Program of UIB has been a great partner for us in contributing their highly committed and great attitude alumnae to support our industry needs. Thank you for the endless support and we will always look forward to another collaboration.

Billy Jantriko

Business Lead, Glints TalentHub

We have been reliable partners since 2017. UIB always offers a great educational environment for KAIT students. Thanks to the heartful and passionate guidance of UIB, our students are certainly growing.

Prof. Kosuke Takano

Professor, Kanagawa Institute of Technology

I am very happy to be able to study information systems at UIB because I can learn a cool programming language. Apart from that, the lecturers were also very helpful during college.

Lenny, S.Kom. (0531028 2009 graduate)


It is Multimatics pleasure to collaborate with UIB Information System Program Study and be part to produce a quality graduates who are able to compete in the global market. Ensure that their programs offered are updated and what is taught to students is in accordance with industry needs specifically in the field of information systems and in line in this era of digital economy.

Agus Setiawan

Executive Director, Multimatics

UIB has been a great partner to UTeM for many years, especially in students’ exchange programs. UIB has provided tremendous hospitality to UTeM’s students while they were undergone the exchange program.

Dr. Zulkiflee Muslim

Exchange Program Chair, Universiti Teknikal Melaka Malaysia

Becoming an Information Systems student at UIB is the best choice for me! Not only because of the knowledge that will always be useful, from the SI UIB study program I got a lot of experience, the most impressive was studying in Thailand and Korea. Even though I am now engaged in the culinary industry, the experience and teaching that I gained while being a student were subconsciously useful. Because at SI, I was trained to think systematically. Want to go to college? Don’t hesitate! Just go to SI UIB!

Gabriela Rosari Rindra Kartini, S.Kom. (1231046 Alumni tahun 2016)

Founder and CEO, Bungoprak Korean Street Food

I am a 2014 graduate from UIB majoring in information systems. In my 3rd year studying at UIB, I had the opportunity to join a student exchange program in Thailand. After joining a student exchange program in Thailand I became very fond of the IT field. After graduating from UIB I worked in the IT field and now I am a CTI and NLP Lead engineer in Tokyo, Japan.

Andy William, S.Kom. (1031047 Alumni tahun 2014)

Engineering R&D NLP Lead Engineer, Widsley Inc.

For 3 years working with UIB is very professional, UIB is also able to produce prospective workers who are not only ready in terms of ability but also good in attitude, which is a factor that every industry expects.

Bella Yolanda

Public Relations, PT. Kinema Systrans Multimedia