Kampus Merdeka continues to open opportunities for students and lecturers in its flagship MBKM program. Since 2020, the Kampus Mengajar program has now entered its 5th batch. Like the previous batches, UIB students have always enthusiastically welcomed the valuable opportunity to contribute directly to the world of education through the Kampus Mengajar program Batch 5. UIB’s Merdeka Belajar Center, as a unit that facilitates students in the Merdeka Belajar program, is again accommodating students who wish to register for the Kampus Mengajar program. 5. Apart from students, Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 also provides opportunities for lecturers to contribute as Field Supervisors (DPL). Program registration is open from 01 – 27 November 2022. The program selection will be held on 27 November 2022 – 1 January 2023. 

Several UIB students have registered and participated in all selection stages in the Kampus Mengajar program, and two students have passed as participants in the Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 program. These students are Nur Fitriana, a Semester 6 Student of the English Education Undergraduate Program, and Bastanta Sebayang, a Semester 6 Student in the Management Undergraduate Program. Apart from the two students, one UIB lecturer has also successfully passed to become Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 Field Supervisor (DPL). The lecturer is Mr. Yefta Christian, S.Kom., M.Kom., from Information Systems Undergraduate Program. In the Letter of Notification of the List of Kampus Mengajar Participants Batch 5 of 2023, the two students are placed at Mahabbatul Haq Elementary School, Lubuk Baja along with two other Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 participants with Mr. Yefta Christian as DPL. 

On Tuesday, 14 February 2023, students participating in Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 along with DPL and Desty Febria, S.Pd., M.TESOL. as the Coordinator of the Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 UIB program visited the Batam Education Office for a visit and discussion related to the implementation of the Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 program. After those students took part in a debriefing program which was carried out online with debriefing material in the form of Good SDGs Practices in Schools, Resilience with Growth Mindset, Analytical Thinking, and Creative Problem Solving at School which was held on 15 February 2023. Students then attended the Farewell of Kampus Mengajar Batch 5 participants by the Minister of Education and Culture on 17 February 2023 before starting the program on Monday, 20 February 2023. 

Hopefully, the contributions made by UIB students in the Kampus Mengajar program can bring good progress in education in Indonesia. And hopefully, other UIB students can continue to take part in the Kampus Merdeka program launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Research and Technology to achieve the good goals expected of holding the MBKM program.