UIB prepares quality graduates to face global challenges and competition through one of the Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) programs. MBKM, namely students can participate in learning activities outside the study program for three semesters by participating in internships, student exchanges, teaching assistance, research, independent study, entrepreneurship, humanitarian projects, real work lectures and state defense. The MBKM program facilitates students to improve their soft skills and hard skills.  Batam International University supports students to study outside campus, one of which is by participating in student exchange activities at other campuses. 

UIB Learning Freedom Development Center through funding from the Merdeka Campus Competition Program Grant- Institutional Support System (PKKM-ISS) in 2022 dispatched 7 Information Systems students to take part in a student exchange for one semester at the Indonesian Islamic University (UII), Yogyakarta. Students are paid for round-trip tickets, living expenses and local transportation during the program. The students are Bryan Aditya, Syifa Nur Islami, Tito Adrian Pribadi, Dhafa Firgana, Skynyrd, Jovito Bryan Budiman and Frenkie Tan. The seven students departed on September 1, 2022, and started studying at the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) since September 5, 2022. Prior to departure, the UIB Learning Freedom Development Center and Study Program held a meeting with parents of students to communicate regarding the program and readiness for departure to college. goal height. 

This program is implemented to enrich the learning experience of students at other tertiary institutions that have different academic atmospheres through credit transfers and credit acquisition. Then, increasing national insight which aims to facilitate students in increasing national insight, integrity, solidarity, and national adhesive containers as well as to develop leadership abilities and student soft skills that can get along with various backgrounds so that the values ​​of unity and nationalism increase. It is hoped that through this activity more UIB students will be interested in participating in the MBKM program, one of which is the Student Exchange Program.