UIB Information System Undergraduate Program (PS SI) held a seminar with the topic “Emerging Technology in Cybersecurity & Internetworking” with speakers from Universiti Teknikal Melaka (UTeM) Malaysia, on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 located in the Auditorium of UIB Building B Floor 1. This seminar was attended by students of class 2021 and 2022 of PS SI. 

The opening of the seminar was conducted by the MC, Clarita Zhang, who was then followed by Tony Wibowo, S. Kom., MMSI as the Head of the Information System Undergraduate Program. After that, an introductory session was held by Dr. Nurul Azma Zakaria. 

Opening remarks by Mr. Tony Wibowo, S. Kom., MMSI

Introduction to UTeM by Dr. Nurul Azma Zakaria

Presentation by the speaker Professor Datuk Ts. Dr. Shahrin Sahib


The seminar went smoothly without a hitch with Professor Datuk Ts. Dr. Shahrin Sahib from UTeM as a speaker. One of the materials presented at the seminar was ten important skills for the future workforce. He also discussed what internet-based storage platforms in each country are used in the world of work. 

This seminar was also attended by several lecturers from the Faculty of Computer Science, including Tony Wibowo, S. Kom., MMSI, Dr. Hendi Sama, Suwarno, ST, MM, and Deli, S.Kom., MMSI. Then the event was closed with the closing of the MC, followed by the distribution of attendance tokens, and finally a joint photo session.